Secure+ includes a suite of data security features designed to keep Asurion's Home+ customers secure online. However, Secure+ was a relatively unknown benefit many Home+ customers weren't taking advantage of. 


By auto enrolling our Home+ customers in Secure+ from day one and sending regular data breach notifications, users will know whenever their personal information is at risk and guided through keeping their digital lives secure.


Home+ customers actively using Secure+ increased over 2000% in the first two months alone. Out of total Secure+ users, the percentage of Home+ users grew from 57% to over 80%.

User research uncovered two major issues related to the security benefit offered to Asurion's Home+ customers. Firstly, we found that the initial user experience was often confusing and cumbersome. Before we began auto-enrolling Home+ customers, they were not considered active users until they navigated to Secure+ and completed the sign-up process. This redundancy was unnecessary, given that Secure+ was already included in their Home+ plan. Secondly, there was a significant lack of awareness among customers about this benefit.

While auto-enrollment addressed the issue of the confusing first-time user experience, we still needed to address the lack of awareness surrounding Secure+. To achieve this, the team and I implemented a system of data breach notification emails that alerted customers when their personal information was at risk. By doing so, we were able to educate customers about the benefits of Secure+ and encourage them to take full advantage of this valuable benefit.


To further assist users in navigating data breaches, I designed in-app notifications as a supplementary measure to our email notifications. These in-app notifications provided users with step-by-step guidance on how to resolve each data breach, making it easier for them to take swift and effective action to protect their personal information.

Our efforts to inform, notify, and guide Home+ users through their security benefit were highly successful, resulting in a significant improvement in our metrics.

In the first two months following the launch of our Secure+ notifications and auto-enrollment system, we saw an astounding 2000% increase in the number of active Home+ users who took meaningful action within the app. Additionally, the percentage of Secure+ users who were also Home+ users grew from 57% to over 80%, indicating a highly successful implementation of our awareness and guidance strategy.